YOU Will Be Called A Terrorist

I think it is important to read Digby’s post Death In Life. If I have ever asked my readers to read something before, this is more important. Please go read the post.

I’m going to reveal the ending here:

It is a law of human nature that if you build it, they will come. This infrastructure will be expanded and bureaucratized. It’s already happening. And when they decide, as Professor Yoo has already decided, that an election is a sanctioning of anything the President chooses to do in the War on Terror, it is only a matter of time before internal political enemies become a threat.

And then it will be us.

And now I am going to quote from an e-mail I received today from the Heritage Foundation’s TownHall. (The Heritage Foundation is the core of the Republican Party now. And The Party controls the state.)

Dear Conservative Friend,

[. . .] While most of our national discussion about Homeland Security has focused on threats from outside the United States, we’ve overlooked the dangerous threat of domestic terrorism. Since 1990, attacks by home-grown arsonists and bomb-throwers have caused over $150 million in damage. The FBI calls these animal-rights zealots and extreme environmentalists “the most dangerous and prolific domestic terrorists” in the United States today.

[. . .] If PETA were financially supporting Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, or Al Qaeda, it would be laughable to argue that it’s possible to bankroll terrorists without supporting terrorism.

[. . .] P.S. If you agree that PETA’s habit of funding domestic terrorists makes the group an unusual danger to American society, please help us spread the word. …

I know you have heard right-wingers claiming that environmentalists are “terrorists.” And now PETA are terrorists.

“And then it will be us.”

Watch your backs.