You Are Watching A Crime

Why the ongoing smearing of Joe Wilson? If you have listened to Rush lately you have been hearing an ongoing campaign to ruin one family – Ambassador Joe Wilson and his wife. Why is this the tactic The Party is using to defend Rove? Yes, it’s what they do. But I think there might be more to it than that. I’ve been thinking about it with the question in my mind, “How does this help Rove?” How does smearing Wilson deflect that Rove revealed the name of a CIA agent?
I’ve been reading the DC Court of Appeals decision It’s interesting that toward the end the decision refers to “the plot against Wilson.”

The greater public interest lies in preventing the leak to begin with. Had Cooper based his report on leaks about the leaks—say, from a whistleblower who revealed the plot against Wilson—the situation would be different. Because in that case the source would not have revealed the name of a covert agent, but instead revealed the fact that others had done so, the balance of news value and harm would shift in favor of protecting the whistleblower.

In other words, the reporter was participating in rather than revealing a crime, because the crime was the smear campaign against Wilson.

So apparently one of the reasons for sending Miller and Cooper to jail was that a crime was in progress – “the plot against Joe Wilson.” If The Party is assuming this might be part of an upcoming indictment, increasing the smear campaign againt Wilson the Right is engaging in a strategic advance discrediting campain against the Special Prosecutor and the foundation of the indictment itself. By getting “the base” on board smearing Wilson, when the indictment comes out they can feel justified in going after the Prosecutor.
This ongoing smearing of Wilson and his wife is a continuation of the crime. Every time you hear Limbaugh or Hannity or any of the others continuing to smear Wilson and his wife, every time you read a right-wing blog engaging in the smear campaign, you are witnessing a crime.

5 thoughts on “You Are Watching A Crime

  1. Another day in the life of the Bush administration and their allies in the MSM, another crime, I suppose …

  2. Another thought. An attempt to bias a jury. It could be hard to find 12 people who haven’t gotten Limbaugh’s image of the “Plame-Wilsons” stuck in their heads.

  3. I keep wondering if everyone has been missing the real target all along. What if it was Valerie Plame and Brewster-Jennings that were the targets? What were they doing? What were they going to find out?

  4. It’s both baffling and frightening that the supposed high priests of the American press don’t have the slightest grasp of the fundamental tenets of journalism. It’s also increasingly apparent that Bill Keller has the IQ of a sweet chestnut; he’s singlehandedly done more to undermine the press’ credibility than five Bob Novaks and three Fox News Channels.
    Russ Baker brings up an excellent point over at TomPaine: if the Times believes confidentiality is so precious why the #^@#%@ is Judy Miller allowed to ram it up every dark orifice in Washington, like a dime-store dildo, without the consent of an editor?

  5. So many crimes, so little time.
    From Election 2000 forward, which parts were not criminal? For them, everthing they do is right and any action can be justified. All it takes is marketing.

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