At his press conference the other night Bush said,

“We operate within the law, and we send people to countries where they say they’re not going to torture the people.”

Are you surprised to learn this was just a flat-out lie? Go read TalkLeft: Uzbekistan, Torture, and Rendition.

2 thoughts on “Yet ANOTHER Bush LIE

  1. I’m not surprised about Bush lying or about Uzbekistan boiling people to death-I’ve seen pictures.
    I am a little surprised that you think anybody smart enough to read your blog would be surprised.
    If you really want to surprise me, find a single instance where Bush DIDN’T lie that wasn’t just a freudian slip.
    I wish somebody would run a contest on that one.

  2. Yes, the sad part for me is that I’m not surprised. And I have to ask myself why I don’t feel more outrage. I think the answer is that I don’t have enough in me for everything this administration has done. I never thought I’d find outrage facing a scarcity constraint …

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