Yes, Virginia, There Is A War On Christmas


nobody ever sees secular heathens actually try to drink the blood of christian children, but that is no sign there is no war on christmas. the most real things in the world are those that neither logical men nor rush limbaugh can see. did you ever see jesus ride a dinosaur? of course not, but that’s no proof that he didn’t.

1 thought on “Yes, Virginia, There Is A War On Christmas

  1. Have you seen any photos on the news of the Bad Santa Christmas display someone put up in his yard on 18th St. in NYC? If it wasn’t only 15 degrees out, I’d walk over to see it. It’s a bloody Santa with a knife in one hand and a Barbie doll head in the other, with other butchered dolls nearby. Someone called the police to get them to remove it, saying it would scare the kids. The police yawned, said it’s on private property, not their business. Naturally, the neighborhood kids love it. The guy who put it up says he’s protesting the commercialization of Christmas.

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