Yes, This Is The First Time In Three Decades That Republicans Were Hypocrites. Right.

Conservatives’ Tactics Against Miers May Backfire Next Time

Conservative activists crippled Harriet Miers’s Supreme Court nomination largely by challenging her judicial philosophy, debating the importance of her religious beliefs, demanding to see White House documents and derailing her before she reached a Senate vote. Those tactics may make it harder for them to defend President Bush’s next pick, expected by many to be a solid conservative, according to a number of Democrats, independent analysts and even some conservative commentators.
They are struck by differences between the Miers nomination process and that of John G. Roberts Jr., who was confirmed as chief justice a month ago. When liberals mentioned a possible filibuster of Roberts, Republicans insisted on an “up-or-down vote,” which Miers never received. Virtually all GOP senators defended the White House’s refusal to surrender documents concerning Roberts, but some of them demanded comparable documents regarding Miers.

Bullshit. It’s what they do. What they said an hour ago is not relevant – it’s what they needed to say then, and that was then. When they need to do something else they willl. They’ll just make stuff up, lie and smear people. They’ll ask focus groups if they would be against Democrats if they learned that Democrats eat dog toenails on Yugoslavian yogurt at tea time, and if the focus groups said that would turn them against Democrats, we would start hearing that Democrats eat dog toenails on Yugoslavian yogurt at teatime, and we’ll hear it on the radio, and in newspapers (incuding the one that published the story referred to above), and on TV and in magazines and in anonymous e-mails, and from friends, and soon “everyone knows” that Democrats do that. And it will work. It’s what they do.
I do give the press credit for noticing that “Conservatives” said one thing about Roberts and another about Meirs. After three decades they actually noticed. They didn’t notice that EVERYTHNG they said about Clinton was “inoperative” the minute they tool office, but at least they noticed this. Maybe it’s a start. Sheesh.

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  1. Speaking of hypocrisy, my hunch is that appointing Meirs was part of a plan. She’s intelligent, accomplished, and knows nothing about constitutional law. She was a “stealth candidate” since there was no paper trail. I don’t think Bush ever expected her to be accepted. He wanted to appoint a woman who couldn’t be accepted so that he could then appoint a man.

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