2 thoughts on “Yellow Elephant

  1. Yellow Repugs… GREAT Ck out another idea – along the same line – below…
    Hello & Make A Difference, Right Now, & PASS IT ON –
    PASTE – DOWNING STREET – Over Every Street Sign Across America
    Can’t See Image Go To_________
    http://www.RogerART.com _________
    Scroll Down_____
    1. Paint Cardboard White – Then Print ( DOWNING STREET ) On Cardboard___
    2. Then Tape SIGN To Your Local… Street, Road, Highway Sign – NOW – Repeat___
    3. Hang ( DOWNING ST. ) Sign Under Your Mail Box___
    4. Downing Street – On A Stick – As A Yard Sign – What-Ever___
    Inspired by: snowho. Let’s do it People… ECs
    Help Make Every Street… ” Downing Street ”
    Until Bush Is Impeached !
    Paste – Downing Street – Over Every Street Sign – Across America
    OGC adds… And Signs All Around Planet Earth http://www.OneGlobalCommunity.com
    Add You & Yours To this Listing
    Copy, Paste And
    Pass It On…
    More info @ http://www.AfterDowningStreet.org

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