xymphora: Apartheid America and the Right of Return

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We absolutely must insist that every former resident of New Orleans be entitled to return, and be given the housing and financial and employment support to do so. … and that all residents of New Orleans have a seat at the table when discussing the reconstruction of the city, and that the structures of reconstruction require consensus, inclusivity, and the consent of the governed. If that means we have to pay poor people to participate in the process, that we have to pay professional outreach workers to bring them into the process and get them to turn out to meetings, etc. etc. then this must be done. We cannot let New Orleans be reconstructed by an elite (of any color), the reconstruction must be driven from the grassroots.

1 thought on “xymphora: Apartheid America and the Right of Return

  1. I read that xymphora post earlier and my thought was “too late.” With the recent emminent domain ruling of the Supreme Court, they can do whatever the hell they want. I could be wrong, but with Roberts’ elevation and likely confirmation…
    Did Katrina really wash away the existing power structure? I hope so, but the right is still in control of every lever of power, including consolidated media. The one thing they seem to be losing grasp of is
    The Consent of the Governed.
    They manufactured that.
    Katrina may have destroyed it.
    We’ll Sea.

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