This morning I was driving around, so I had the radio on, listening to Rush and O’Reilly. This evening, after today’s Democratic Party Presidential debate I did something I don’t usually do anymore — I flipped through the cable TV channels to see what they were saying. I shouldn’t be, but I am rather surprised that every single pundit on every single channel said the same things, and it was the very same things that Rush and O’Reilly were saying this morning! It was all about Gore’s endorsement, and how it is some kind of war with Hillary Clinton for leadership of the party, and had nothing to do with Dean, and how Dean is a little twit who Bush will easily stomp, and how Gore has moved way to the left, and Dean is a leftist extremist, and it’s all about the 2008 election because this one is all over.

Total and complete uniformity of opinion, on the radio and on the TV. I imagine this is what I’ll read in the major papers tomorrow.

So here’s the problem. How do we get enough Americans away from the Wurlitzer? If this is all they hear, of course this is what many of them will think. It isn’t like they will have a choice. Sure, Dean will be able to buy commercials, but if each commercial is followed by 10 minutes of the media telling the public why everything Democrats say is nonsense what good are they?

So how DO we reach the broad, mainstream public in time for the election? The Internet has been good for us to reach EACH OTHER, but how do we get honest news to regular Americans? THIS will be the problem of the election.