WTF – Senate Dems To Confirm RWer To Legal Services Corp?

This is beyond belief. Senate Dems just don’t get it! Senate Democrats Unwilling To Fight Widely-Opposed GOP Nominee To Legal Services Corporation,

A Senate panel will likely approve the Republican-chosen nominee on Wednesday as part of a package that includes five other nominees supported by Democrats. Outside groups say Democrats are unwilling to try to separate Browne from the package for an up-or-down vote.
Citing her track record as a principal at the conservative Pacific Legal Foundation, Browne’s critics say she’s unfit for the job because she has directly opposed funding for legal services agencies.
“Ms. Browne should not be placed in a position to help determine the future of legal services for poor Americans,” says a letter sent by the Alliance for Justice, a coalition of liberal groups, to members of the Senate committee that will vote on Browne’s nomination Wednesday. The letter was signed by more than 70 fair-housing and civil rights advocates.

What is the MATTER with these people? We elected Dems, and we get far-right ideologues confirmed ANYway!