2 thoughts on “WOW! Watch This Short Video, Spread It Around!

  1. Odd. This is the anti-Socialist generation. Consider that even liberals today so strongly believe in the success of the corporate state that they think everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. Today’s liberal motto: “Stand in Solidarity with the bourgeoisie!” Consider how we treat those who fail to be of service to the corporate state.

  2. I love how leftists always say that they’re merely “asking” the “rich” to “pay their fair share”. Of course, “asking” implies that you can say “no”, and the way Bernie wants to get the money means you cannot say “no”; or they’ll use the powers of garnishment, imprisonment and violence against you. So Bernie is lying in that he wants to “ask” them.

    Also, he’s lying about “fair share”. I ask you, Dave, what is the “fair share” you want the “rich” to pay. In the ends it means “more, more and even more” endlessly. Because as we’ve seen, socialism doesn’t create equality (except in the sense of making everyone equal in poverty. Everyone except the Socialist Vanguard, that is. We can’t expect them to live in the poverty-stricken hellholes they create. They’re too “important”)

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