tendentious, on winning.

Friday Update – I’m having an “Instant Message” conversation with the author of tendentious: (My end of this might be edited to make me look literate.)

tendentious: i was thinking of elaborations of my idea — robert blake hires mike tyson, who proves his complete innocense by ko-ing the LA asst da in 1.8 seconds!

Forest: That is really good. That is a REALLY good approach!!! Do it.

tendentious: missed my chance. you can’t retell a joke.

Forest: Yes, you can. It’s a blog. You can do anything you want.

Forest: You can even post it as an update to the original post

Forest: OJ certainly WAS innocent — HE WON!

Forest: In fact, maybe I’ll update the “Winning” post that points to you, saying OJ WAS right – he WON.

tendentious: exactly. but his innocense would have been more obvious to the commentators if johnny cochran had decked whats-her-name!

Forest: Can I add what you just wrote – if you aren’t going to use it?

tendentious: you thief! but if you can do it, i guess you are NOT A THIEF!

Forest: BINGO!

tendentious: as long as you add this last bit.

tendentious: go for it

tendentious: describe our conversation.

tendentious: except for where you offer to blow me.

Forest: blow me

skippy – Notice how he avoids using capital letters to start sentences and proper nouns? Of course, he can steal it thanks to The Bush Doctrine: getting away with stealing it proves he originated it.