I visited Wingnutopia to see what the Republican “base” is talking about.
WingNutDaily has a big headline, “Iran plans to knock out U.S. with 1 nuke bomb
Regular headlines:
“Tehran to resume nuke enrichment”
“Iran’s imminent threat”
“Want to help bring liberty to Iran?”
Other headlines of note:
“On the ‘sin’ of sending kids to public school” (“Shortt, writing from a biblical perspective, presents rigorous research about the agenda and effect of government schooling on the nation’s young people.”)

Also, can’t tell if this is an article or an ad, “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington” reveals how Islamic extremists, taking advantage of Americans’ blind trust and gaining footholds in the nation’s education system, government, workplace, law enforcement and military, have been covertly working to destroy America’s constitutional government and the Judeo-Christian ethics on which the nation was built
NewsMax has as its first headline, “Latest: Savage’s Book Hits #6 on N.Y. Times List”
The Media Research Center has “Media: Dems ‘Good-hearted,’ GOP ‘Evil'”
TownHall has “Bolton: Attacked for being anti-Cuba?”
Black activists criticize NAACP for filibuster flip-flop, Group now supports Senate tactic that hobbled civil rights legislation.
Public school “accountability” is a failure, The free-market system can solve corruption in the public schools.”
These people are nuts.

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