Wingnuts Roll Out Annual War On Christmas Nonsense

Here we go again. The wingnuts will believe anything. It’s sort of fun to watch, except that they have guns and power.
See Redstate | Okie Attorney General Bans Christmas. Seriously. Except if you read the story they point to the Oklahoma Atty General didn’t “ban Chrsitmas” — a wingnut group says he did with no evidence. Turns out from the story that some obscure HR person at a university may have done it – not the state Atty General as claimed. And the news source for this? “a visiting journalism fellow at The Heritage Foundation. ” Heh.
And of course, other extremely gullible wingnuts jump on board to catapult the propaganda, as they say… Unfortunately they are giving out the Atty General’s phone number, so readers can harass and intimidate him.
The whole point being, of course, to rile up the “wackos” (as the conservative leaders refer to the Christians). But this year it might backfire on them. The “conservative movement” is extremely threatened by candidate Mike Huckabee – but he is the primary beneficiary of their efforts to stir up religious strife.
Update – To his credit Captain’s Quarters actually checked out the story – after posting – learned it isn’t true, and posted an update. Others, however, join in echoing the lie – even adding more phone numbers and e-mail addresses to harass.

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