Wingnut Cultists Developing Own Language

Reading this right-wing blog post, I’m starting to think the wingnuts are spinning off so far from mainstream thought that they are developing their own language. You tell me:

The Chappaquiddick Submariner got pwned BIG time when Tim Russert got him to bloviate and blather about a statement that then turned out to have been made by, wait for it, John “Fuckface” al-Q’erry.
Fat Drunken Ted then proceeded to flail and thrash about like a flounder freshly hauled out of the wreckage of an Oldsmobile.

I read lots of RW blogs, and even listen to Rush. But this is so “insider” that I can’t make it out.

3 thoughts on “Wingnut Cultists Developing Own Language

  1. “pwned” comes from computer gamer slang – gamers in a rush to type messages might mistyped “owned” (as in, “I just humiliated you”) with a ‘p’. The rest of it seems to be Massachussetts insider smears on Ted Kennedy and Kerry.

    Frankly, I never read Misha, and I certainly don’t feel like starting now. (“idiotarian” is one of the dumbest neologisms I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter.)

  2. Translated into English… “Tim Russert asked Senator Ted Kennedy for his comments on some unspecified political talking point. The Senator was then surprised to learn that his colleague, Senator John Kerry, was the source of the talking point.”

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