Wingnut Conspiracists Say Govt Retaliating Against S&P

The nuts are saying that the government is suing Standard & Poor’s in retaliation for downgrading the US credit rating some time ago.

The wingnuts never read the S&P downgrade. S&P downgraded the US credit rating because of the irresponsibility of the Republicans. They said a country with a political party that would actually threaten to take the country into default does not deserve a top credit rating.

Why would the government “retaliate?”

Here is HuffPo: Rick Santelli Pushes Conspiracy Theory About S&P Lawsuit,

“The water-cooler talk obviously is: Is there a political issue here?” Santelli said on CNBC Tuesday. “A lot of this talk started to hit some real saturation right around the summer of 2011 when S&P, the only rating agency, downgraded the U.S. We lost our AAA credit rating.”