Wingnut Campaign of Intimidation Against American Girl

The latest wingnut campaign of hate: Groups Threaten to Boycott American Girl,

American Girl, manufacturer of a highly popular line of dolls and children’s books, has become the target of conservative activists threatening a boycott unless the toy maker cuts off contributions to a youth organization that supports abortion rights and acceptance of lesbians.
The protest is directed at an ongoing American Girl campaign in which proceeds from sales of a special “I Can” wristband help support educational and empowerment programs of Girls Inc., a national nonprofit organization which describes its mission as “inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold.”
[ . . . ] The Mississippi-based American Family Association, in a campaign launched Wednesday, is urging its members to demand that American Girl halt support for Girls Inc., which it called “a pro-abortion, pro-lesbian advocacy group.”
[ . . . ] “Parents need to know that this effort to promote self-esteem among girls is not as innocent as it seems,” Scheidler said. “While Girls Inc. has some good programs, they also support abortion, oppose abstinence-only education for girls, and condone lesbianism.”
American Girl, a subsidiary of Mattel Inc., said the “I Can” initiative supports three specific Girls Inc. programs — building girls’ skills in science and math, developing leadership skills, and encouraging athletic skills and team spirit.
“All of these aims are appropriate to our 7- to 12-year-old American Girl fans,” the company said. “The American Girl brand exemplifies the values of wholesomeness and responsibility that we would expect any organization to commend.”

Will the hate-mongers get away with another campaign of intimidation?

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  1. Will the hate-mongers get away with another campaign of intimidation?
    Why not? In any case, it’s always nice to see corporatania and wingnutia going at it.

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