Will McCain Be Republican Nominee?

I think there is a growing chance that McCain will not be the Republican Presidential nominee. Their convention isn’t until September and McCain just gets worse and worse. I really think they’ll find a way to talk him out of running.
And no, I don’t think it will be Larry Craig, even if their convention is in Minneapolis-Saint Paul.

8 thoughts on “Will McCain Be Republican Nominee?

  1. Is there any way for him not to be nominated? Other than his freeing up the votes committed to him, that is. I don’t think that, once the media operations really begin in the fall, it matters how bad he looks.

  2. Well I wrote “I really think they’ll find a way to talk him out of running.”
    A lot of these Republicans face jail time if we have an honest Justice Dept. And a number of administration officials will be visiting the Hague for launching aggressive war and torture. So you can BET they want a better candidate.
    I’d bet there is serious pressure on McCain to step aside since his “green screen” speech.

  3. It seems to me that the McCain candidacy repeats a pattern that the Republican party follows.sometimes.
    That is:
    They nominate some old fart who’s been around Washington forever and doesn’t really believe in canonical conservative principles. So-called “real conservatives” usually don’t like the guy very much. Then they run a lousy campaign and lose honorably.
    The last time they did this was Dole in 96. Before that, Ford in 76.

  4. > Well I wrote “I really think they’ll find a way to talk him out of running.”
    Mega Culpa. I keep griping over others who can’t read what’s plainly stated. So of course, I missed that particular sentence. Ahhhhh! My apologies.

  5. David, I think the reason that McCain won’t be dumped is that he still has a connection to middle-of-the-road voters whereas the rest of the Republican field has seriously alienated the middle. Romney might be more ‘business-friendly’.
    Newt has incredibly deep negatives due to big head and arrogance. (not a redundancy he does physically have a huge head out of proportion that is unpleasing on TV)
    If Obama stays as smooth as he’s been he’s got a big chance but don’t count McCain out…look how he came from very back in the field to knock out all the contenders in the primary. Even though I want the Democrats to win….I wouldn’t bet on Obama except in a toss of the coin at this time…even if In-Trade gives Obama 61 over McCain’s 38.

  6. I think McCain has a terrific chance of winning – I believe the Maverick thing still works and Obama will look too risky.
    I think the strategery is to get him in and then he gets sick or something. I am very interested in who they pick for VP – because I believe the goal is for that person to be Prez.

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