Will Any Conservative Sites Link To This? Fat Chance!

Will any conservative sites link to this at the White House website? Fat chance. Conservatives depend on people remaining ignorant of where tax dollars are actually spent.
Your 2010 Federal Taxpayer Receipt | The White House offers a breakdown of where your tax money is spent. At the site you can drill down into each of these to see more details.
National Defense 26.3% (Note that Veterans funding is broken out separately. I combine them in the chart.)
Health Care 24.3%
Job and Family Security 21.9%
Education and Job Training 4.8%
Veterans Benefits 4.1%
Natural Resources, Energy and Environment 2.1%
International Affairs 1.7%
Science, Space, and Technology Programs 1.2%
Immigration, Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice 2.0%
Agriculture 0.8%
Community, Area, and Regional Development 0.5%
Response to Natural Disasters 0.4%
Additional Government Programs 2.4%
Net Interest 7.4% (Note that they use net, which subtracts interest received, instead if how much we pay out on the Reagan/Bush debt, which is approx twice as much.)
Social Security is separate and self-funded.
I made a pie chart: (click for larger)
To fix the budget deficit:
1) Fix the hole in revenue by putting top tax rates back to where they were before Reagan.
2) Cut military spending. We spend more than all other countries combined.
3) Fix the health care cost problem. We spend much more per person than other countries. You know why.
4) Much of that big “Job and Family Security” slice goes away if you create jobs.

5 thoughts on “Will Any Conservative Sites Link To This? Fat Chance!

  1. What you and the White House are doing is a complete lie. You’ve removed Medicare and Social Security from the budget in order to artificially inflate the percent of the “budget” that is taken up by defense.
    Now, if you were honest you’d present the entire Federal Budget together as it should be: together. Then you’d see that we spend less than 20% of the Federal Budget on defense and only 4% of GDP.

  2. Medicare IS in the budget, if you click through, and click the plus sign next to “Health Care,” it says:
    Medicare doctor payments and prescription drug payments 10.3%
    Social Security is right there at the top. They ask you for the amount you paid into Social Security and they show you that your money went into Social Security. Social Security is not part of the budget, and it does not contribute to the deficit. It is not allowed to borrow, by law.

  3. The point is the budget is separated into three parts (income, medicare, SS) to artificially inflate, and give lefties talking points, the defense part of the budget from

  4. We spend more on military than all the rest of the world combined. I think we can handle cutting a few DC “contractors.”

  5. Dave,
    Too bad you’re not a right wing conservative – then you could just delete all of Scorpius’ comments, just like the wingnuts do whenever a progressive comments on theirs.

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