Will al Queda Do Something Soon?

In Whiskey Bar: The Silent Party, Billmon explains why we might be hearing (in a very bad way) from al Queda soon.
Also, we have an election coming, and al Queda is on record working to keep Republican incompetence in power here…
So seriously, watch your backs.

2 thoughts on “Will al Queda Do Something Soon?

  1. I’m afraid this is probably correct, considering the most recent group of terrorists arrested. Their goal was to flood downtown Manhattan, i.e. the financial district. The main target listed was not, as reported, the Holland Tunnel, which if blown up wouldn’t penetrate to the surface, and even if it did the ground’s too high there to flood. The more likely target, which they seem to have settled on, is the PATH train between NYC and New Jersey. They were going to put 12 suicide bombers on a train and blow it up. IN OCTOBER. This could flood, not the financial area, but the area from MY APARTMENT to at least Canal St. This train runs right under where I live.
    The city, at least, is taking all this very seriously. It’s “hardening” security for the train tunnels, auto tunnels, and also for the retaining wall that holds back the Hudson at the WTC site.

  2. Oh, so they are targeting you! And what does Mr. Suskind thinks about it? According to his “reliable” CIA sources. By the way, how reliable can they be if they tell insider secrets to Mr.Suskind? Isn’t their job to keep secret? Jees, you guys are too easy.

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