Why YOU Should Advertise On Blogs

This is a slightly rewritten repeat of a post from November, dedicated today to Digby.
A company pays a lot to advertise in magazines. A 4-color, full-page ad in a major computer magazine that “reaches” about a million readers costs about $77,000, and costs more than $108,000 for a cover. That is for one ad in one issue of the magazine. (I’m using a computer magazine because I have easy access to the rates.)
An ad that runs for a week on every blog in the “Advertise Liberally” BlogAds network is seen 12,726,453 times and costs $9034 to run.

Let’s compare the ad in the magazine with the ad on the blogs. The computer magazine ad is buried in how many pages of other ads? How many times is the reader likely to see the ad while turning the pages of the magazine? How long is the reader likely to have the ad in view? Does the reader see the ad more than one time, if at all? And how can you measure the effect – the response – of the ad?
In contrast, the blog ad is in front of the blog-viewer the entire time the person is reading the blog, and is there every time the reader comes back. (If anyone had actually PLACED any ads at Seeing the Forest right now you could look over on the left or right column right now to see what I mean about visibility.) And it is again in front of the reader when he or she visits another blog, because blog-readers don’t just read one blog. And the advertiser can tell how many people are responding to the ad.
Let’s add that up.

  • Magazine: about a million potential-maybe half-second peeks at your ad for $77,000
  • Blog: TWELVE million in-your-face, several-minutes-long, unburied exposures for $9,000

OK, this is too difficult for me to figure out — leave a comment that helps me make a decision.
Compare the visibility gained from a blog ad compared to almost any other form of advertising. And then compare the cost.
I’m comparing blog ads to computer magazine ads here, but wait till you get a look at the rates to advertise in other kinds of publications or other advertising channels. Let me point out that every single blog-reader is also a computer-user. But they also drive cars, eat food, listen to music, wear clothes and go to movies. And they do lots of other things, too.
You can advertise on Seeing the Forest for one week for $40. The ad will be seen over 25,000 times. The new Premium Placement spot on the left is $75 for a week
Do you have a product, service or message that you want Seeing the Forest’s readers to see more than 25,000 times?

2 thoughts on “Why YOU Should Advertise On Blogs

  1. A better angle, in my opinion, is why you (metaphorically referring to bloggers here) shouldn’t accept advertising. Social commentary shouldn’t be diluted by the presence of advertising and external influence. My view is possibly naive, but in general I think we would all be better off if participatory media continued without corporate sponsorship.

  2. Duane,
    You didn’t accompany your comment with a click on the Tip Jar at the bottom of the post, nor on the Make a Donation button over in the right-hand column.

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