Why the Right Is Focused on MoveOn

The Right seems oddly obsessive about MoveOn. For example, today’s Moveon.org Embraces Nazi Defender by Joel Mowbray, just one of a constant stream of similar smear attacks.
Here’s the reason. It is a strategy. One thing the Right does well is think ahead and strategize. MoveOn is a major force in Progressive politics. The Right knows that MoveOn can raise lots of money and motivate lots of people to support candidates and issues. So the Right is working now, in advance of the next election, to “discredit” and “marginalize” MoveOn. It is one step in a plan. They are laying groundwork, preparing the public now for later attacks and smears on Progressive candidates. By spending time now when they are relatively unopposed and MoveOn is relatively undefended they are working to “raise MoveOn’s negatives” and form a bad feeling about MoveOn in people’s minds. Then they can later “demand” that candidates repudiate the marginalized MoveOn and try to make them refuse to accept their money and support. Get it? At the very least it will cause candidates to be distracted and on the defense.

6 thoughts on “Why the Right Is Focused on MoveOn

  1. MoveOn has to have known this was coming. All truly effective progressive organizations and/or people get targeted. The truth is it’s a compliment; acknowledgment of their effectiveness. Play up this positive aspect!

  2. I doubt that the average voter has any opinion at all about MoveOn. In fact, I would assume that a random poll of the population would find only a low single digit percentage of the public (those of us who are political junkies) could even identify it as a political group (as opposed to being some kind of discount travel Web site).
    That said, if MoveOn keeps hanging out with groups like ANSWER, they will continue to help Democrats lose elections.
    (I’m an independent with libertarian leanings — fiscal conservative, social liberal.)

  3. Jim writes: That said, if MoveOn keeps hanging out with groups like ANSWER, they will continue to help Democrats lose elections.
    Let me see if I get this straight… if Democrats don’t stop hanging out with groups like MoveOn.Org, who hang out with “groups” like the International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, who have affiliates that hang out with other people who have been seen in the same room with people who say things very much like what other people said before they did something everyone knows was an atrocity…
    …do you people even think about how silly you sound making arguments like this?

  4. Bill O’ Reilly has a routine where he whines about Soros giving $20 million to move on right before or after his two minutes hate towards the ACLU.
    Never a single word about the right wing funding.
    Dave, can we get a short snappy easy to rememberfigure on the mellon-Coors-Scaife- funding?

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