Why So Many Go Along

Here’s another clue to why so many go along with the Bush machine. Qwest turned down the Bush request that Qwest illegally hand over your phone records, even though Qwest was threatened with loss of their defense contracts. So what comes next? The government starts working to smear and ruin Qwest’s CEO, Joseph Nacchio. Daily Kos: Bush Retaliates Against Qwest For Saying No To Spying,

The federal government conducted a 3 year probe of Nacchio which involved federal prosecutors, SEC and the FBI investigating securities fraud and insider trading.

There’s more, go read.
It’s called making an example. You can be sure that anyone ELSE the Bush people talk to understand what can happen to them if they say no.

4 thoughts on “Why So Many Go Along

  1. Qwest isn’t going to lose anything. If you switch you are just putting your money/support to Daddy Bush and the Carlyle Group. They own Qwest

  2. Well, it looks like Verizon, at least, is going to find out what happens if you DO go along with the illegal requests from the Bushies. There’s a 5 billion lawsuit filed against them in NJ, and I’m hoping that a class action suit will be filed in NY so I can join in it.

  3. Here is something we already knew about that fits in this spot, along with (IMHO)the “inadvertent” collection of political affilliation by the IRS:
    The hardest part of telling this story is that it is so extensive and interconnected to everything else like the 1.6 billion dollars Bush spent on domestic propoganda (I’m sure that number has exploded by now), and the targeting of non embed reporters in Iraq-Jeanne at Body and Soul did several astounding pieces on that aspect of it.

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