Why Public Option Or No Bill

In other countries the government’s exist for the public good. The understand that health care is a human right, and provides health insurance, paid for by taxing companies and the wealthy.
America’s health care “reform” bill solves the problem of people not having health insurance – and insurance companies dropping people as soon as they get sick, or refusing to pay for necessary treatments – by ordering everyone to buy insurance.
The “public option” make this slightly easier to swallow. At least you are not being ordered to buy the product of the companies that robbed and cheated us.
This news article explains the ideology behind this “reform” plan. House health bill unacceptable to many in Senate,

In the Senate, the stumbling block is the idea of the government competing with private insurers. Liberals may have to swallow hard and accept a deal without a public plan to keep the legislation alive. As in the House, the compromise appears to be to the right of the political spectrum.

If “liberals” swallow hard and accept this, it is the end of the Democratic Party.