Why Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why? — continued.

Brad DeLong and Bob Somerby regularly critique bad reporting in the American media, but they normally focus on individual reporters rather than on management and ownership, even though the latter ultimately must be held responsible.
Bob Parry has a piece up at Consortium News detailing the suppression of good reporting (leading to the development of a servile news media) during the last 20 or 30 years. Based on what he says, we can expect the same media people who pooh-poohed Walsh’s Iran-Contra investigation to do everything they can to sabotage Fitzgerald’s Plame investigation.
When the business Democrats succeeded in marginalizing Ralph Nader within the party, one outcome is that the Democrats failed to percieve the dangers of media consolidation, which one of Nader’s big issues. This has come back to bite them in a big way. They portrayed themselves as hard-headed realists and caricatured Nader as a quixotic do-gooder, but in the long run they crippled the Democratic Party. Unless that was their goal, we can only regard them as the silliest of suckers and chumps.
Sample from Parry:

Where I worked at the Associated Press, general manager Keith Fuller – the company’s top executive – was considered a staunch supporter of Reagan’s foreign policy and a fierce critic of recent social change. In 1982, Fuller gave a speech condemning the 1960s and praising Reagan’s election.
“As we look back on the turbulent Sixties, we shudder with the memory of a time that seemed to tear at the very sinews of this country,” Fuller said during a speech in Worcester, Mass., adding that Reagan’s election a year earlier had represented a nation “crying, ‘Enough.’ …
“We don’t believe that the union of Adam and Bruce is really the same as Adam and Eve in the eyes of Creation. We don’t believe that people should cash welfare checks and spend them on booze and narcotics. We don’t really believe that a simple prayer or a pledge of allegiance is against the national interest in the classroom. We’re sick of your social engineering. We’re fed up with your tolerance of crime, drugs and pornography. But most of all, we’re sick of your self-perpetuating, burdening bureaucracy weighing ever more heavily on our backs.”

October 23, 2005

3 thoughts on “Why Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why? — continued.

  1. “But most of all, we’re sick of your self-perpetuating, burdening bureaucracy weighing ever more heavily on our backs.”
    That’s pretty ironic considering what’s been happening to Bureaucracy in America, isn’t it? Consider that new, totally inefficient behemoth the Dept. of Homeland Security. Somehow, generally, the “ideals” of the Republicans, from Reagan on, seem to have entirely backfired. Rampant growth of government, rampant growth of debits and national debt, and when you get down to it rampant social engineering, just not exactly reality based, ruining people’s lives with their “reforms.”
    Consider the fact that the bureaucracy of Homeland Security was all that was taken into account during the emergency after Katrina. These “compassionate conservatives” wouldn’t even allow volunteer aid, deliveries of food and water, because the volunteers didn’t have the right paper work to bring in their truckloads of supplies! Is this what we want? It’s really time to cry, Enough!
    I could go on about this kind of thing for days, and maybe somebody should. There’s all this ‘contracting out,’ both in Iraq and in the hurricane areas, the lies that get published as “news.” I’m wondering about what’s really going on about the availability of flu vaccine — we’re told on all the local broadcasts that we much get our flu shots, but doctors don’t seem to have any vaccine ANYWHERE. Enough! It’s way past time to end this insanity!

  2. Robert Parry ROCKS! Until I read his pieces, I never thought that one should ultimately hold management and ownership responsible and not individual reporters. However, the more one reads about interventionist owners like Rupert Murdoch the more one ‘sees the light’, as it were ..

  3. I’m with MJ, we could spend days cataloging the cruelties and mishaps of the Republican reforms on almost anything they have ever “fixed”. I have my own theories that sound like they are waaay out there unless you look at instance after instance starting with the stuff MJ wrote and then listing the attrocities she didn’t write.
    You used to have some really good stuff at your old blog, John, unfortunately somebody else got the web address and put some different stuff there. You or Dave should probably remove the link from your web page from the about the authors section of the STF website.

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