5 thoughts on “Why No Resignations

  1. Because they know then minute the indictments are made they’ll get parsons. (duh!) Do you think he cares on whit what the reaction will be? Hell no… They’ll smear Fitz’ as ab agent of the lib’rul elite and an over zealous prosecutor harping on “minor” “technical” violations of the law (and a tera’ist!) and his base will eat it up…

  2. Probably because all they can be indicted for is perjury charges that would not stand up in court, since it appears that they did not knowingly lie, they just got confused.
    Personally, I’ve been wondering about why Fitzgerald was questioning Plame’s neighbors, and it has me wondering if Joe Wilson or Plame herself might be brought up for leaking. Remember a covert agent nor her spouse can legally divulge her status.
    That would be justive, in light of Joe Wilson’s lies and the way he capitalized on those lies.

  3. It shames the President and his legacy to have people in the White House indicted, and I’m not sure it has ever happened. It would honot the President to resign in advance if you suspect you might be indicted.
    Do you think the President approves of people in his Administration being indicted? Even for what the Right now says is an extremely minor crime of purjury?
    (Wilson’s neighbors all said they did NOT know that she was CIA.)

  4. Pericles used to at least PRETEND he wasn’t a simple shill. I guess they have to drop their usual poses now that the poo is flying.

  5. Wilson’s neighbors all said they did NOT know that she was CIA.
    Well, only two sets of neighbors said they did not know, and one was the Wilson’s lawyer. The others have not gone on record so we really do not know…

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