Why Kerry Instead Of Dean?

I have a post over at the american street, discussing my thoughts about why so many voters went for Kerry instead of Dean in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Update – A comment over at that post points to this, and says, “When is somebody going to point out that John Kerry is going to get reamed in the general election because of the book cover for “The New Soldier”? There on the cover is his name above a group of men mimicing the revered Iwo Jima memorial for WW2 vets with an upside down flag. [. . .] This is why the conservative media has been soft on Kerry and it’s the Democrats who are going to have to pay for not alerting voters to the kinds of problems that this candidate will have to face if he becomes our nominee.”

Read the whole page. It shows what’s coming if Kerry is the nominee. If you think his status as a Vietnam Vet is going to help… read it. I’m not knocking Kerry for anything here. What I’m saying is that Vietnam Vet isn’t going to be a plus for him. Remember how Clinton was accused of being unpatriotic for protesting against the war? Well, Kerry threw his medals away, and posed for pictures like this with upside-down flags. I think he was right to do so, but you KNOW what the Right is going to do with this. Remember Max Cleland – and he never protested against the war.