Why It Matters So Much

Why the Chris Matthews smear matters,

The Matthews smear illustrates the fact that it has become routine in our national political dialogue, and among our nation’s journalists, to equate opposition to George Bush with subversiveness, treason, and support for Al Qaeda.
The national media has truly adopted this dissent-quashing dichotomy created by the Bush White House: one is either a follower of George Bush who praises his war and terrorism policies, or one is an enemy of the United States who is on the side of Al Qaeda. That is not hyperbole. This is the manipulative and decidedly un-American view that is re-enforced again and again.

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4 thoughts on “Why It Matters So Much

  1. I’m an old friend of Moore’s. He’s a decent fellow and great American, in my opinion. But I don’t think the Matthews comment is that big of a deal. Matthews says a lot of things. Sometimes crazy things. But I still think he’s got a great show and I remain a Chris Matthews fan.

  2. I see lots of hand wringing about this character assassination that is rampant on the right but I have yet to see any clear ideas on what to do about it.
    What does the left do to stop or at least combat the Big Smear? Other than talk about it among ourselves.

  3. I love Michael Moore also. But I think that Chris Matthews has gone over to the “dark side” and I will not watch his program anymore. Sorry folks, but Matthews has drank the Kool Aid (as have most of the MSM).

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