Why is it so hard to say this?

“In the end, everyone knew that Kerry was going to vote to authorize funds for the troops, and Bush was going to sign the bill. But there was more than one authorization bill being considered, and Kerry and Bush disagreed as to which one was best. Bush threatened to veto the one he didn’t like, and Kerry voted against the one he didn’t like. That’s the way business is done there.

What was it that they disagreed about? The reconstruction money that’s being grafted away right now in Iraq. Kerry wanted to separate that from the money dedicated to supporting the war itself. It sure looks like he was right now, doesn’t it?”

113 words would put an end to hundreds of thousands of words of TV pontification and Republican speechifying. But somehow nobody can be found who’s able to get those words out there.

This is just the most horrible example of the way that Bush is aiming the campaign only at his most fanatical and ill-informed core supporters. This is probably his major single arguing point against Kerry, and it’s really just too silly for words.

Once we have a new President, we should elect a new media too. What a lame bunch of liars.

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