Below (slightly edited) is what I wrote in response to this post by Kevin Drum, in which he said “I continue to believe that on a list of problems with the American media, ideological bias barely cracks the top ten.” (Remember, guys — in theory, Kevin is on our side.)

This kind of post is why I think that Kevin is worthless, and a good part of the reason why I gave up on blogging, the Democratic Party, and the US.

Kevin thinks what he thinks, and he’s always thought what he thought, and please don’t disturb him with reality.

The Washington Monthly has had this attitude written into its charter for decades. No one connected with that journal is allowed to think differently. (Though Kevin already thought that way and isn’t being coerced.)

Kevin, you ******, ********* ***** ** ****, it’s NOT SYMMETRICAL. And everyone knows it’s not, except you and other ****** of your ilk. There’s a hefty conservative media in this country, and there’s a big moderate / neutral media in this country, but there’s only a puny liberal media. A little radio, almost no TV or cable, and no national newspaper.

Kevin doesn’t see this because he thinks that he is the real left and that everyone to his left is just plain crazy.

It’s hopeless, guys. Bush won, and Kevin hasn’t even noticed yet.


I just realized that part of the problem is that Kevin is unable to understand the idea that there could be “neutral bias” or “centrist bias”. To him bias is only right / left bias, and he’s very happy that the left is as feeble as it is, because that means half the bias is gone.


Someone whose opinion I greatly respect (Dave Johnson) believes that I went over the top when I described Kevin Drum as ” * ********* ***** ** ***** “. Probably he’s right. I spent a year trying to get Kevin’s attention via civil communication, and it proved to be a waste of time, so I escalated.

I basically think that the game is over and that we’re headed for a one-party state, and in that context I found it infuriating to read Kevin playing the same old moral-parity game and worrying that liberals might start acting as mean as conservatives do. Most of the Democratic Party seems oblivious to what’s happening.

So is this an apology?

Who cares? The game is over. Bush won and we lost. He’s going to remake the world, and we’re going to sit and watch.