Why I Don’t Use the Term "Conservative"

I don’t use the term “conservative” to describe this current crop of right wingers. That’s THEIR description of themselves. These people stole the term from the honest and honorable traditional conservatives, like John McCain, and then booted them out of their “movement.” (Look what they did to McCain in South Carolina.)

These right-wingers are the same crowd that used to talk about “The Jew York Times” and the Jew Media.” (I wrote about this in September.) They’ve learned to tone that stuff down but much of their nonsense really is largely the same crackpot message – “government schools are socialist,” “ban the teaching of evolution and put prayer back in the schools,” “we’re a Christian Nation.” Back then they were not called “conservatives.” They were called the “far right” and the “ultra right” and the “Christian Right.” In fact, in the 50’s and 60’s the originators of this movement, the John Birchers and Libertarians and Liberty Lobby types were known as the “kooks.” Real, honest conservatives wanted nothing to do with them.

In fact, their very use of the word “conservative” shows how this movement works. The word “conservative” has positive connotations in the public’s mind so these far-right ideologues took over the word, and used their bullying tactics to toss the old-fashioned conservatives out of the Republican Party. They needed a respectable cover for what they’re up to.

Suppose they decided to describe themselves as “those-who-are-best-for-your-interests”. I don’t think I would be using that phrasing when referring to them. For the same reasons I don’t use “conservative.”

Perhaps the term “regressives” is the best description. Who was it that thought that up the other day?