Why Health Care Reform Is Stalled

If you want to know why health care reform has stalled in Congress – and may now be dead – look up the name Billy Tauzin.
Billy Tauzin was the member of Congress in charge of getting the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill into law. That was the bill that gave huge government subsidies to the impoverished pharmaceutical industry, and banned Medicare from negotiating for better prices on drugs. Yes, the one where they held the vote at 3am and kept the voting open for a record amount of time so they could find the votes.
2 months after getting this bill done Tauzin left Congress and took a “job” as a pharmaceutical lobbyist, receiving $2.5 million a year. Others received nice “jobs” as well,

Along with Tauzin, many of the other individuals who worked on the bill are now lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry.

That’s all you need to know about why health care reform has stalled in the Congress.
If you want to know why health care is stalled and may be dead look at who (read: “Blue Dogs”) in Congress is suddenly buying nice houses and cars now or in a few months.