Why does anyone ever listen to Fred Kagan at all any more?

Why does anyone ever listen to Fred Kagan at all any more? On March 24th, only a day before the fighting broke out in Basra, he was telling us this:

The first thing I want to say is that: The Civil War in Iraq is over. And until the American domestic political debate catches up with that fact, we are going to have a very hard time discussing Iraq on the basis of reality.

Thirteen days later he was on On Sunday he was on NPR, putting the McCain spin on the Basra fight:

And it’s not the way — as Senator McCain rightly said, the side that’s winning a conflict like this doesn’t generally call a timeout and say, “Hey, you know, we’ve had enough. Thank you very much.” And it’s not the way it’s playing on the Iraqi street.

On NPR, no one bothered to ask him about his condescending, insulting, and completely wrong statement of only thirteen days earlier, and apparently no one confronted him about the falsehood of his new statement either.
I don’t claim to have a perfect understanding of Iraqi politics, but it’s pretty clear that Kagan not only is ignorant, but also is a shameless liar. His career should be over by now, but he keeps getting TV and radio time because he has muscle behind him. And the ones who actually do know something (e.g. Juan Cole) do not have muscle behind them.
After five years of lies and failure, with Bush’s approval rating now at about 30%, the big media are almost unshaken. They’re still pumping out the Republican Pravda disinformation, and their memory apparently doesn’t go back even two weeks. The Republican monopoly isn’t complete, and you will sometimes see accurate information mixed in with the lies, but that was true of Pravda too.
Many are scornful of conspiracy theories, but when Kagan appears again immediately after completely disgracing himself (and not for the first time), what non-paranoid explanation is there?

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  1. Many are scornful of conspiracy theories
    Not on the right. “liberal media bias” rolls of their tongue faster than water, and even now, after the assertion is manifestly absurd.
    We have to be equally insistent. “Conservative media bias” should become a household phrase. The establishment media is largely controlled by right-wing bullies. We should never shrink from saying that, or hedge it, or make disclaimers about conspiracy theories. It gives them an opening.
    Conservative media bias is not a theory. It is an overwhelmingly demonstrable fact beyond the shadow of any doubt. Kagan is just one exhibit of thousands.

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