Why Can’t Democrats Add?

Over at Fight for the Future – Blog for the Future, “Why Can’t Democrats Add?”:

“It takes 18 years to grow more African American voters, the same for Latinos (unless you let immigrants who are already working here become citizens). Growing more single women is a pretty hard campaign to message.

But growing more union members? The Democrats could do that almost overnight. Polls show that about 47 million Americans want a union but don’t have one. The main reason is that corporations tell workers that life will be hell if they vote union.

In Florida, just 2000 more union members, registering and voting for Gore in the same percentage as other union members – and the Supreme Court never would have gotten the case. But most Dems haven’t helped a single worker in Florida join a union.

Bush’s main man, Karl Rove, told the New Yorker magazine that it is ‘absolutely’ the president’s goal to lower the number of union members.

They outlawed unions for 60,000 airport screeners and 170,000 civilian workers in the Department of Homeland Security. Next comes 750,000 Defense workers. Plus contracting out 850,000 federal jobs to nonunion companies.

So my question is, why do we live in a country where the Republicans know how to subtract but the Democrats don’t know how to add?”

Good question: why aren’t Demcorats doing more — much more — to GROW THE BASE? They’re not doing enough to protect and hold on to the base they have.