Why Blogs Are Becoming More And More Popular

I don’t know why I punish myself by reading the rich, white elite Washington columnists at all anymore.

This supposed “liberal” insults me and millions of others, calling us the “loony left,” for going to see Michael Moore’s movie F-911. Of course, he doesn’t refute a single fact from the movie, referring only to ” a farrago of conspiracy theories.”

He writes of justifications for the Iraq war, “Was there no footage of a Kurdish village that had been gassed? This is obscenity by omission.” Well, that happened way back when Reagan was President, and Iraq was allied with, and supplied by, the United States. It happened to a village that was in Iranian hands after the Iranians had gassed Iraq. I’m not justifying gassing the village — they killed CIVILIANS! — but I am saying this is not a reason for the United States to go to war more than a decade later, and almost a decade after we had destroyed Iraq’s weapons. Using this as a justification for going to war, killing tens of thousands of Iraqis and killing or wounding thousands of Americans was the obscenity.