Why Are We In Iraq?

A simple question. Why are we in Iraq now? There is no threat to the U.S. No weapons of mass destruction. Saddam and his sons no longer run the country.

The people in our military did not sign up and put their lives on the line to defend Iraq or to build democracy in the Middle East (a cover story for going and getting the oil — watch what they DO, not what they SAY; putting Chalabi in charge in Iraq has NOTHING to do with building democracy. NOTHING.) These people signed up and put their lives on the line to defend America, their families, you, and me. That might sound extremely self-centered, but we’re when talking about asking people to do and die I don’t think America’s youth signed up to lay their lives down for reasons having so little to do with the defense of America.

I think that being self-centered about lives might be a good idea. It is supposed to keep us from doing stupid things like starting wars.

So now we are in Iraq BECAUSE we are in Iraq. Now that we have invaded we can’t leave. It’s a fact on the ground now. As Chalabi said, with a smug smile, what happened in the past doesn’t matter because we’re in Baghdad now.

Bush wants to cut and run, starting June 30. Great. Leave the place a mess, like Afghanistan. Put corrupt cronies in charge to keep the oil flowing our way, and bug out, timed perfectly for the election. Elections in Afghanistan in October, troops out of Iraq by October, too. Chaos delayed until December but the past won’t matter because we’re in the White House for good now.

But we have a “we broke it, we fix it” situation. Now we have to stay because if we leave now the country descends into chaos — and it will be our fault if that happens. The Geneva Convention says we are responsible because we invaded. AND the country could actually become what Bush said it was. It could become a cauldron of terrorism directed at the United States — developing weapons of mass destruction, with terrorist training camps in the country and financing terrorist activities around the world. So we have to stay.

None of us signed up or this. I think the country is going to start realizing this. I think the people in the military are realizing it already. I think the people who were thinking of joining the military are realizing that, too — so I think the draft is inevitable now.

I think Bush has created the terrorist nightmare. It’s only just beginning now. And we can’t leave.

Update – A comment I left somewhere:

A cousin’s son is in the Marines. He’s in Recon and went into Iraq BEFORE the war started. People with relatives or friends over there don’t talk so much about the strategic benefits or higher meanings of all of this, they talk about their relatives and friends and worry that they’ll be OK. Strategery and higher meaning I guess is for the country’s leaders – NONE of whom have relatives at risk. I guess that’s why they’re our leaders? Because they can strategize and move chess pieces around the world without worrying about it hitting home.

I think about all the people in the military who signed up and put their lives on the line to DEFEND AMERICA. I don’t know when there has ever been such a betrayal of them as this. It could be reasoned that Vietnam was about defending America, but not this. No way this.

Yes, it’s late. I can’t sleep tonite for some reason.

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