Whoa – Why Are eBooks MORE Expensive???

So I got a Kindle because books cost so much less. At least the used to. I’m starting to find that books are costing MORE on the Kindle than paperbacks!
For example, Amazon.com: Three Stations: An Arkady Renko Novel (9780743276740): Martin Cruz Smith: Books is $9.91 in paperback and $12.99 on the Kindle!
So maybe you should think twice about switching to eBooks?

2 thoughts on “Whoa – Why Are eBooks MORE Expensive???

  1. They are so expensive because legacy publishers are trying to protect their paper profit until they can control the eBook profit.
    They should be cheaper and are a LOT less if you search for Indie Authors $.99-$4.99. I do eBook reviews for Indie authors on my blog. They’re every bit as good as the traditionally published authors and some I can’t figure out why they aren’t traditionally published.

  2. I thought for sure when I bought my kindle, that I would be saving our trees and maybe even my wallet?! I still can’t get over some of the brices for some of these books, I mean lets be honest. This is digital text! I can’t get my partying on the weekends with no money! It’s hard to be honest and not download these books free when they’re this damaging to the wallet!

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