Whoa! Draft Coming Even Sooner

Press Reports on U.S. Casualties: About 17,000 Short, UPI Says,

Nearly 17,000 service members medically evacuated from Iraq and Afghanistan are absent from public Pentagon casualty reports commonly cited by newspapers, according to military data reviewed by United Press International. Most don’t fit the definition of casualties, according to the Pentagon, but a veterans’ advocate said they should all be counted.

The Pentagon has reported 1,019 dead and 7,245 wounded from Iraq.

The military has evacuated 16,765 individual service members from Iraq and Afghanistan for injuries and ailments not directly related to combat, according to the U.S. Transportation Command, which is responsible for the medical evacuations. Most are from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Whoa! Looks like they’re gonna need a draft even sooner than previously expected!

And it’s HOT there. IF YOU ARE DRAFT AGE YOU’D BETTER GET REGISTERED SO YOU CAN VOTE!!! (When you look at this report, remember the time difference and look a tomorrow’s forecast. Loooks like they’re in a cool spell.)