Who Went Instead Of Bush?

When Bush found out that Harken Oil was going to announce they lost money, he raced to sell his stock before the news reached the public, which would make the price go down. (This is what Martha Stewart is going to jail for.) But no one asks about the person who BOUGHT the stock and suffered the loss in his place.

Similarly, there is another side of the Bush National Guard story. That is the story of the people who who had to take Bush’s place. SOMEONE took his place in Vietnam. SOMEONE took his pace in the Guard when Bush stopped showing up. (SOMEONE took command of the government while the nation was under attack and Bush sat stupified and immobilized in a classroom reading My Pet Goat.)

When “protected” people like Bush screw up or screw us, SOMEONE takes the fall, takes the rap, takes the loss, or does the job.

Read about another example of this over at The Blogging of the President:

“This evening, reporters are calling. Janet Linke, an art teacher, said her husband was recruited to fill the slot abandoned by Bush. Jerry Killian, Bush’s superior officer, told her Bush had grown afraid to fly.

There is a growing list of Americans who have stepped forward to give their personal testimony about the man who ducked Vietnam and abandoned his commitment to the military, a man all too willing to send others to fight and die in battle.”

He SAYS he is the great wartime leader, fearless, resolute, staying the course… But who is the REAL man, the one we would find if only we could see past the fog of lies and cover stories that props Bush up?

Update – Bush Harken Oil insider trading info here. (Notice from this April, 2003 post how the press was closing in on this story and was redirected by a major terror alert.)