Who Tried To Bribe Rep. Smith? The Question Should Be Repeated!

Someone at the very top of the Republican Party offered Representative Nick Smith, R-Michigan, over $100,000 to change his vote on the Medicare bill. This is a Federal crime. According to this story, President Bush was himself calling Republican Representatives trying to change their votes. The bribe was offered either by President Bush himself, or someone on behalf of President Bush.

The theme of President Bush’s campaign for office was that he would “restore honor and integrity to the White House.” But those of us who get our news from non-mainstream or foreign sources hear story after story of bribery, lies and cover-ups from the White House and the leadership of The Party. Each story of corruption dies after a few days because no one is willing to pursue it. The Justice Department, the FBI, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Courts and the mainstream corporate media are all controlled by the Republican Party, so we can expect no investigation from any of them.

Now another day passes with the story receiving little attention. This story should not die. It should be repeated every day by every weblogger, and Progressive news site until pressure builds and something is done. The weblog community and the public are not yet under the thumb of The Party and we can continue to make noise! All of us should repeat the demand for an investigation. All of us should call their representative’s office and demand to know who tried to bribe Rep. Smith.

The Republicans understand the power of a story like this one. This is the kind of story that Newt Gingrich would use to full advantage. He would arrange all night sessions on the House floor, with Representative after Representative speaking into C-Span’s cameras, demanding an investigation. This is the kind of story that the Right’s Wurlitzer would repeat endlessly as an example of the corruption of their opponents. This is the kind of story that the public will easily understand. So why shouldn’t we continue to demand an investigation until someone in authority if forced to do something? This is the Republican Party caught red-handed engaging in the worst kind of corruption and criminality. If it is investigated someone is going to jail, and The Party will be exposed for what it is!

Stick with this. Webloggers – do not let this drop. People, keep calling your representatives, newspapers, television and radio stations.