Who Said This?

Who said this? “Don’t attack the soldiers. I am responsible for this. Attack me. Blame me.”
No it wasn’t Bush. Of course it wasn’t Bush. What were you thinking? That would be taking responsibility and showing leadership. Give me a break. Bush? Has Bush EVER said anything remotely like this?

1 thought on “Who Said This?

  1. Well he did say “Bring em on” but then again he was safe in his White House behind his bodyguards. I wonder why he doesn’t say “bring em on” when the parents of the dead military personnal want to ask him why their loved one’s died. Ahh, but then he would have to tell the truth wouldn’t he. And that would mean telling everyone what a liar and manipulator he and his staff have been (and continue to be). But he really shouldn’t worry because I’m sure that FOX News, as well as others, would find a way to blame the Democrats for making him lie. It’s all a Liberal Conspiracy!!!

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