Who REALLY Runs Things?

A story out today, Business Lobbyists Push to Revive Estate Tax They Tried to Kill

The National Federation of Independent Business and more than 40 business organizations wrote Senate and House leaders last week asking for quick action on a proposed 35 percent levy on inheritances worth more than $10 million per couple. The Associated General Contractors of America is urging members to contact lawmakers about the plan.

Why are CORPORATE lobbyists working to kill the estate tax? Wouldn’t you think they would be lobbying for corporate, not personal interests?
Think about the implications of this. Just who does the corporate lobby work for? If you thought it was corporations it would appear you were wrong.
At the very least, are the beneficiaries of the lobbying paying for the lobbying? If corporate funds are being used to pay these lobbyists, are the beneficiaries claiming the value of this lobbying benefit as income on their tax forms?