Who Owns Bob Casey Jr.?

Hat tip to Cernig at MyDD. Over at Comments From Left Field Goose3Five has a list of 239 organizations that have contributed to both Bob Casey Jr. and Rick Santorum.

A little birdy just dropped me some information I thought you all might appreciate… “Last week Bob Casey’s campaign asked, ‘Who owns Rick Santorum?’ The answer is, the same people who own Bob Casey.” That’s right folks, it would appear that the Democratic party’s annointed candidate has been right all along to keep his mouth shut because when it opens it gets filled with feet!

Isn’t that special?

7 thoughts on “Who Owns Bob Casey Jr.?

  1. Casey is a anti-choice, pro-gun who still lies about the fact that his father was not given a speaking slot because he had not endorsed Clinton/Gore in 92 not because of his fundie anti-choice position.
    So whats the surprise here progressives are again asked to support a member of the Zell Miller/Lieberman branch of the DLC all in the name of “electability”
    Didn’t the powers that be clear the way of real D’s and progressives to ensure that this Quisling had a free shot at the Senate seat?
    Well now when we stabbed in the back again no one should be surprised.

  2. Donating to both candidates is a comman and practical tactic, especially since it looks like Santorum’s gonna get pounded. I haven’t taken a decent look at the list of donors, but that in itself is very incomplete. The other two-thirds of the equation is to look at the people who donate to one but not to the other.

  3. Or you can look at their positions.
    Anti Choice – Both are against woman
    Pro NRA/ Murder – Both support terrorist rights to own weapons ( see above)
    Lying about Clinton – Both of them have, and continue, to do so.

  4. Anti Choice – Both are against woman

    Pro NRA/ Murder – Both support terrorist rights to own weapons ( see above)

    Do you people really see the world this way, or is thus just Dem locker room hyperbole? One would hope the latter, for mental health’s sake.

  5. I wasn’t aware that we all had to think the same way Winston.
    Agree, disagree, think about it or blow it off. Do we share thoughts and ideas whether the Winstons and Pericles of this world like it or not? Yes.
    Do you really believe that we are fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here?

  6. Whats in error. Both are anti-choice. When women, as a group, are given the power they choose choice. To counter a peoples/gender’s choice makes one anti- whatever. This is a simple statement of fact. We didn’t like Saddam so we invaded them. so the US was/is anti-saddam. Positions mean something.
    Rudolph in the southeast, Timothy LaViegh in OK City, the Wash. D.C. sniper just to name a few terrorists, trained by the us military ( not to mention Bin Laden), who’s right to own weapons is defended by both casey and santorum. This to is a simple fact.
    So when did simple statements of fact become “hyperbole”? Probably about the same time that 5 well educated flunkies decided they knew better then the public as to should be president.

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