Who Makes Things Better?

I saw this in the NY Times this morning, “More People on Welfare After Years of Declines“. It got me thinking about P.L.A.‘s “Just For The Record” series – Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI (and it says there’s a Part VII but there isn’t a link.) This series compares the record of Democratic and Republican administrations for things like deficits, job growth, economic growth, inflation, government spending, and number of government employees. This series should win P.L.A.’s Koufax Awards but it can’t because P.L.A. disqualified itself.

I’d like to see figures for stock market, crime, poverty/people on welfare, average income gains, number of people with health insurance, education, and any other quality of life issue you can think of. (In fact I was working on a book on this in the 80’s but eventually had to go do my job instead…) I hope I’ll get the time to contribute to this. In the meantime go read at P.L.A. and thank them!

Update – Also see CalPundit.