Who Is The Enemy?

Quick question to any conservatives reading this site. Your country is “at war.” Leave a comment here and let us know who is “the enemy” we are at war with.
I bet there are as many different answers as there are commenters. Or ask around and see how many of your conservative buddies give different answers to the question. You can’t even tell us who “the enemy” is. Shouldn’t that tell you something?
“Insurgents?” They’re insurging because they object to the people they call “Persians” being put in charge by us. Persian means Iranian. Was it your understanding that Iranians are the people we invaded to put in charge? And the Sunnis we are fighting are backed by the Saudis, among others – our “allies” in the region.
Is the enemy Mutada al Sadr? He’s Shiite, and a part of the government we installed.
Et cetera. You get the picture.
Or did you not know about Shiites and Sunnis and the differences when you started this thing?