Who Is The Boss?

The bailouts were done to save the big corporations. The citizens paid taxes, or money was borrowed in our name, and the money went to the big corporations. The big corporations then gave out huge bonuses. Some of the corporations actually gave out the exact amount they received from bailouts as bonuses.
Health care reform is something that is for the citizens. So do we ask big corporations to pay taxes, so citizens can have health insurance? No, instead our government is about to pass a low requiring citizens to cough up tons of money, to give to big insurance corporations. That is “reform.”
Here is how it is now: We exist to serve the big corporations. That is the purpose of our lives – to be a “productive” member of society. We go to school to learn the things that best serve the big companies. Then we beg to have a “job” which means giving up our brains and labor so someone else can get rich. Once we get a “job” we are “allowed” to have some time off once in a while, if we are lucky. Some of us are allowed to take time off if we get sick.
All of the benefits of our economy now flow to a top few. Vast proportions of the income and wealth now sit at the top 1%. And vast proportions of that sit at the top .01%

4 thoughts on “Who Is The Boss?

  1. Posts like this are the reason I keep one (and only one) optimistic friend. Without her I would be lost to the hopelessness.

  2. I remember another poster saying something about how having the Healthcare Bill pass without a public option would be political suicide for the Democratic party. I think this is the truth and I hope Obama gets his head on straight and requires the option. Otherwise … well, I am going to go on vacation to Jamaica. Think things are ugly now? Just wait until you tell everyone that they are required to pay a large chunk of their pay to the already crooked insurance companies. People are going to be a little angry.
    GoGreen- you eat ice-cream, I am going to go find a Repblican to fight with. To each his own.

  3. It sounds like a consipiracy; in fact, I recently had lunch with a loan production manager with Wells Fargo, one very large recipient of TARP funds. They are using TARP funds to put brokers and mortgage bankers out of business and reduce the incomes of loan reps to that of clerks. BoA, Wells, Chase, are the largest lenders in the country now monopolizing the loan industry meanwhile interest rates have not gone down but the red tape (HVCC and TIL) is ruining the business. Now out of fear, consumers are opting to do business with these direct lenders. So, my taxes are being used to put me out of business in a recession. Is your industry next?

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