Who Is The Boss Of Who?

The first three words of the Constitution – the document that states the rules of our country – are “We, the People.”
We are supposed to be in charge here. We are supposed to be the ones who make the decisions and the rules.
We built this country and the institutionsthat created its wealth. But now an elite few have seized control, live off of that mutual effort and “own” 90% of everything. When the people try to make decisions that alter that, they block it. With this in mind, see Kyl Warns Obama Administration Not to Fire Bank CEOs – Bloomberg.com

A leading Senate Republican warned the Obama administration against removing chief executive officers at banks that received U.S. assistance, saying “the great fear” would be government management of companies.

God forbid that We, the People might want to have a say in all of this!

1 thought on “Who Is The Boss Of Who?

  1. Actually, the cycle repeats when you give corrupt companies billions of taxpayer dollars.
    Continuing to fire CEOs of publicly traded companies does set a terrible precedent. Where do you draw the line?
    And I’m not sure what you mean by the “elite few have seized control” or what you mean by suggesting they blocked people from making things right. Can you site an example? I don’t think these CEOs just walked in and and said “I’m takin’ over!” In the beginning they were just hard working people that worked their way to the top. Some of them proved they didn’t know what they were doing. Others were corrupted by power. Much like politicians are corrupted by their power.
    And by the way, the top 1% of income earners pay more taxes than the bottom 90% of income earners. They don’t really own 90% of everything, but they sure are paying taxes like they do.

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