Who Is Our Economy FOR, Anyway?

THIS looks interesting!

What’s the economy for, anyway? Is it just about having the biggest GDP or the highest Dow Jones Average? Or is it about providing for a healthy, happy, fair and sustainable society? If you think quality of life matters, and wonder how the United States compares to other countries when it comes to providing for its people, then the WHAT’S THE ECONOMY FOR, ANYWAY? conference is for you!
Dozens of prominent experts and activists will offers parts of the answer to the big question and offer out-of-the-box ideas about what we can do to make our economy serve us instead of vice-versa. Three tracks include FINDING HAPPINESS, SEEKING JUSTICE and SECURING SUSTAINABILITY.

SOMEONE has been reading Seeing the Forest, no?

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  1. Sure sounds like they’ve been reading Seeing the Forest, doesn’t it. Did they at least send you an invitation? Looking at their ad, I couldn’t tell who’s sponsoring this. Sounds pretty good, actually.

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