Who Is J.D. Crouch

I was watching CSPAN and saw someone I had never heard of talking about Bush’s plan for “victory” in Iraq and how Iraq is a central part of Bush’s mythical WOT.
Who is J.D. Crouch?

I found an October, 2003 article from Antiwar.com, Pentagon Hawk Released – Straws in the Wind? which discusses Crouch’s dismissal following the WMD fiasco:

“He’s not being fired, but they’re starting to move people around,” said one knowledgeable source. “It’s all about (Bush’s) reelection and how to get rid of the loonies without looking like they screwed up.”
As assistant secretary, Crouch reported to Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith, whose office has been responsible for postwar strategy in Iraq.

Slate discussed some of the beliefs Crouch expressed during his brief sabatical from helping Bush deceive America into an immoral war, Don’t Be Fooled:

It was during those years of exile that Crouch expressed his views most clearly. He criticized President George H.W. Bush’s decision to withdraw tactical nuclear weapons from South Korea, calling it “a major geopolitical mistake.” He advocated setting “a firm deadline for the destruction of North Korea’s nuclear complex.” He called for the end of the Anti-Ballistic-Missile Treaty and the swift development of missile defenses (a development that he oversaw in his recent Pentagon tenure). Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1995, he fervently supported resuming the production of chemical weapons . . .

The most revealing article I ran across concerned his testimony during his 2001 confirmation hearing from Flogging the Simian: (scroll down)

From reading this Washington Post article on the confirmation hearings of Crouch, which took place at the same as those of Douglas Feith and Stephen Cambone, I found a couple of troublesome items. The article was published in June of 2001:

Feith’s sharpest exchange, however, came with Sen. Max Cleland (D-Ga.), who reacted with alarm when Feith said he favored development of a policy for “the liberation of Iraq.”
“Well, that’s the most disturbing answer of all,” Cleland said.
Cleland, a Vietnam combat veteran, summed up his feelings at the end of the hearing, telling Feith and Crouch that “your answers have been very troubling to me, and I want you to know that. And it’s going to be an agonizing thing to go over your testimony.”
But at the end of the day, they seemed to have made little headway with Levin and other leading Democrats. After hours of back-and-forth, Levin said he thought Crouch’s writings on how to counter North Korea’s nuclear program were “reckless.”
Crouch countered that he no longer favored either redeploying U.S. nuclear weapons in South Korea or bombing North Korea if it did not accede to U.S. demands, as he had in the mid-1990s. But he added: “Given what I knew at the time, I stick by the recommendations.”

Liberation of Iraq in June 2001?

Bush would have invaded Iraq whether 9/11 happened or not. Today on CSPAN J.D. Crouch said that Bush’s plan for “victory” has been in place for the last two and a half years. He’s right. Iraq is going exactly the way the neo-cons planned it. “Building Democracy in Iraq” is a one hundred year project. The neo-cons never had any intention of leaving Iraq. That’s why Iraq’s army was dissolved.