Who Do You Think Paid For This? – Episode XXII

Down With Tyranny has the story: The End Of Tax Havens? Not Until The Far Right Is Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth
OK, this video is from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation featuring Dan Mitchell from Cato Institute who it also turns out is Chariman of the CFPF, and Down With Tyranny swears it isn’t a spoof:

Billionaires and the shills who make a living by scraping and bowing before them and faithfully serving their interests– like the Republican Party and GOP front groups like the American Heritage Institute, Fox News and the Cato Institute– are hardly giving up and will fight a battle to persuade gullible Americans that tax cheats are true patriots. This video by Republican Party astroturf group, the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation explains, with a straight face, how absolutely fabulous tax havens are. This isn’t a spoof; it’s real (I swear):

The guy actually keeps a straight face while he says this stuff about why rich people and companies should be able to avoid taxes using tax-scam secret offshore accounts. (I’ll bet they also complain that Obama’s budget increases the deficit.)
So where do you think this “institute” gets the money to put out stuff about how really, really rich people (who got rich off of the infrastructure that We, the People built) shouldn’t pay taxes?

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  1. I thought these kinds of rethug marching orders were supposed to be kept secret, usually sent to each other discretely. How very brazen this has gotten.

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