Who Are We "At War" With?

Something I’ve been thinking about — Who are we “at war” with?

With the Bush administration and the dictatorship of The Party, we have to look at what they DO, not what they SAY, to understand their agenda. Because they lie. Because they use a cloud of false words as a smokescreen to cover what they really wish to achieve.

The United States was attacked on 9/11 by al-Queda, an organization run by Osama bin Laden. They were harbored in Afghanistan, by the Taliban. We invaded that country, overthrew the Taliban government, and have been pursuing the remnants of al-Queda since.

But, with Afghanistan, the Taliban and al-Queda largely out of the way, Bush has instead declared that we are still “at war” with “terrorism,” that there is a larger war to be fought, and that this “war” will go on for many, many years.

So who and where are the “terrorists” we are “at war” with? Are we at war with Chechnya? Are we at war with Palestinians? If so, WHY? What do Palestinian or Chechnyan terrorists have to do with the United States? In the Philippines we are at war, again against Islamists who were no threat whatsoever to the people of the United States. What about Iraqis? What threat were Iraqis to the people of the United States? No.

Are we at war with American militias? Are we at war with the Irish Republican Army? Clearly not. So by looking at what they are DOING instead of what they are saying, we can see that it isn’t just any “terrorism” that is our enemy. By ignoring American right-wing terrorists, The Party shows that it isn’t even terrorism that DOES threaten Americans that they are “at war” against.

If there is any tie between al-Queda, the Taliban, Palestinians, Chechnyans, etc., it is because of their religion, not because they had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks or any other threat to the people of the United States. So are we “at war” with a religion? Many in the U.S. would say that we are — would say that this is a war of Christianity (never mind that the U.S. is not entirely Christian — under Bush it IS entirely Christian for all practical purposes) against Islam.

What are the goals of this “war?” What are the limits? When is it over? Only when The Party says so?